Motorsport is a technical sport, competitions in riding on road and sport motorcycles on special routes, roads and off-road. The International Federation (FIM) was founded in 1904. World Championships have been held since 1924, Europe since 1936. Motorsport is a sport in which all of its participants ride motorized vehicles, overcoming distances provided for by a specific route. Motorcycling is divided into four main groups. These include: motorcycle sport, motorized water sport, motor sport and water skiing. These main groups include various disciplines that are commonly divided into classical and national. If we consider the classical discipline, then it should include: motocross, road-ring racing, trial, speedway, racing on a sandy track, racing on a grass track, skiing, motoball and other types of races. For each type of arrival has its own equipment with special technical characteristics.

Here, for example, motorcycles, which ride in road racing, have a powerful engine and chassis designed to develop high speeds. As a rule, in such a technique, the aerodynamic structure of the body is to reduce to a minimum the air resistance. Speedways or grassy, ​​sandy roads also require special features from vehicles. The engine of the machine must have a high degree of compression and stability, which will be required to overcome the short distance. Machines, as a rule, are not equipped with brakes and have a small tank. Motocross is a wonderful discipline that requires athletes not only courage, but also a kind of excitement. Technique must have an engine with the highest possible torque. As a rule, motorcycles are equipped with a short gear, because to develop high speeds they are not in danger. The average speed developing on the motocross tracks is only 40 km / h.

One of the most attractive and popular types of motor sport is motocross. It was not possible to establish the exact date of formation of this sport, however, the first, so to speak, competition took place in 1908. The interest of this tournament was that 13 motorcyclists and 16 riders participated in it. The road went through rough terrain. Of course, the cavalry won, but it did not upset anyone. People still continued to develop motorcycling, and in particular motocross. Today, a huge number of athletes are engaged in motor sports and due to the formation of a number of rules and restrictions this sport has become really popular and interesting. As for the rules that are provided by the International Federation of Motor Sports, everything is simple. Of course, there are nuances everywhere, but, as a rule that comes faster than the others, he scores the most points, and therefore is considered the winner by right.

The role of motorsport

People tend to create groups (groups, circles, sections) on the basis of common interests and interests. Sport has many directions, known and not very much. Among the famous there is motorcycling. It unites people who are similar in temperament, knowledge, hobbies, physical and intellectual abilities, informally groups them into teams, destroying psychological barriers and importance of social status, makes them exchange practical skills and knowledge, and sometimes defend the honor of a city (region, country) in the sports arena. Motorsport requires good health, a stable mind, discipline, dedication. From a technical point of view, motorcycling contributes to the solution of constructive problems, the accumulation of information and the search for new ideas to improve serial production. Thus, motorcycling and the automotive industry complement each other in a wide field of human activity. From an economic point of view, motorcycling has a significant impact on the sale of products and spare parts. After all the approval of consumers receive those brands of cars and motorcycles that have successfully passed various tests in competitions. It is impossible not to take into account the fact that motorcycling is one of the mass sports spectacles.

Importance of motorsport

Today, there is no need to prove the great importance of regular exercise to improve health, prevent diseases, increase stability and body resistance. With proper training and a healthy lifestyle, people can maintain their health and high functional capacity for a long time. Motorsport is an active assistant in this direction. After all, in this sport, an athlete not only activates the reserve forces of the body (almost all parts of the athlete’s muscles are involved), but also conducts active mental work in honing skills and tuning a motorcycle. Diseases of motorcycle athletes are not the result of sports as such, but of certain “risk factors”. Studying them, taking into account the specifics of each type of motor sport, identifying, preventing and eliminating will significantly reduce the possibility of damaging health will allow it to be maintained even under the conditions of the most intense training, and thus will contribute to improving the training process, improving athletic performance and reliability of athletes, will enhance the social significance of sports.

The opinion that is common among a certain part of scientists, coaches, athletes and journalists about the mismatch of the concepts “sport” (motor sports, nevertheless, carries some health hazard) and “health” is not only insufficiently justified, but also dangerous, because creates an idea of ​​a certain fatality, thereby preventing the search and elimination of factors risk, questions the feasibility of achieving record results.

What is motorcycling?

Motor sports include sports that are engaged on motorized vehicles on special routes. These sports are divided into 4 groups:

  • motorcycle sport;
  • motor sport;
  • motorized water sports;
  • water skiing.

Special disciplines were formed in these main groups, which in turn are divided into classical and national. The group of classical disciplines in motorcycle sports includes:

  • road-ring races;
  • motorcycle racing around the area;
  • motocross;
  • trial;
  • speedway;
  • race on ice;
  • race on the grass and sand track;
  • motoball;
  • skieoring.

The activity of the Universal Motorsport Union is aimed at the development of individual and collective motorcycle sports in free time on mass production machines. Competitions are held:

  • orienteering;
  • fox hunting;
  • star races;
  • driving competition;
  • fuel saving competitions;
  • general tourism: multi-day motorcycle competitions (all-around), motor and rally (tourist competitions).

Motorsport competitions – speed competitions based on points. Places are distributed depending on the time during which specified control areas (CU) are passed. When evaluating points, the driver’s actions on the track are taken into account. The score by points is combined with the time estimate; this is resorted to with an equal number of points or when, with an overestimation of time, this puts the rider out of scoring. The score on points is taken into account if the winner is determined by all-round. In accordance with the occupied places in individual races, the score by points after the end of the competition is formed and then the overall mark for the place is displayed.

Motocross: motorsport news

Motocross is a type of motorcycle sport, is a race on motocross motorcycles, conducted on rough terrain on a closed road with natural and artificial obstacles in the form of hills, jumps, sharp descents and rises. Motocross includes a list of the most popular sports disciplines. It is one of the many varieties of motorcycle sports. A feature of this type is the movement on special models of motorcycles on rough terrain. It can be races on the tracks with natural or artificially equipped obstacles in the form of steep climbs, ditches, springboards, sandy areas.

Features of recent motocross races

To participate in motocross competitions need special cross-country motorcycles. They are radically different from other types of motorcycle technology and are not intended for movement on public highways. This technique is great for driving over rough terrain and performing various complex tricks. Cross-country motorcycles, unlike other models, are produced separately for children and adults.

In the very first off-road race, athletes participated in traditional road bikes, which, in the process of acquiring practical experience by their masters, were refined for greater efficiency on their own. The main focus of such tuning was to maximize the weight of the structure due to the removal of the trunk, lighting, mirrors, steps and other elements. In parallel, there were optimal solutions for increasing the power of the motor. As a result of this evolution, a motocross bike appeared which can be briefly described as the complete absence of everything superfluous. Most of the models of this technology are not even electric. At the same time, the engine is started using a kick starter. Cross-country motorcycles are exclusively sports equipment, and are not subject to registration in special services that ensure safety on the roads. Even driving license is not required to manage them. But at the same time, they cannot be certified as a means of transport for public roads and cannot have a state number. This technique is dangerous to other participants in the movement and can not be used for driving on ordinary highways.

How to choose a motocross bike

The choice of vehicles for motocross is not as great as, for example, in a somewhat similar enduro class. If you have just decided to try your hand at this discipline, then we can recommend to payattention to motorcycles with two-stroke engines. The same criterion should be used when choosing a motocross bike for children and teenagers. The main advantage of such models of cross-country motorcycles is a lower weight, and, consequently, higher maneuverability on the track. For beginners, riding a two-stroke motorcycle provides less risk of injury. Another advantage of this choice is cheaper maintenance and repair. In general, beginners can be advised, less attention should be paid to the technical characteristics, as with a more serious approach to motor sport in the future we will have to select a model that is called for themselves and those requirements that the athlete’s specialization will push (cross, tricks, etc.) . Most likely, you should focus on the size of the budget, which you can allocate for the purchase of an iron horse and a motorcycle exterior.

If the technique is needed just to get extra adrenaline and the pleasure of traveling off-road and rough terrain, without competitive stimulus, then we can recommend the 4T model. We should also talk about sports models of motocross bikes for children and teenagers. In the line of such technology there are two directions. These are motorcycles for training of cross-country riding, as well as those models that can be safely attributed to sports equipment. Some manufacturers produce for beginners technology with an automatic transmission. So, in the lineup of the popular manufacturer Yamaha, an interesting model is presented for beginners of PW50 motor sports. Children’s sneakers, unlike pitbikes, are designed only for a child. Having trained on them, children easily reach the control levers and sitting can safely put both feet on the ground.

Features of motocross training

This sport requires constant concentration and high commitment. Strict compliance with safety rules is also important. Otherwise, you can not only hopelessly ditch the equipment, but also get serious injuries. The following recommendations will help to avoid trouble:

  • no need to brake beforehand when entering a turn. It is necessary to constantly maintain the level of gas;
  • it is necessary to brake rigidly, using the front brake more;
  • rear brake, more necessary with a controlled skid;
  • learning to jump should start at small jumps at medium speed;
  • for a softer landing during the jump, you must keep your elbows and knees bent;
  • pressing the gas just before landing will help the motorcycle suspension cope better with the overload.

What is speedway

Speedway – one of the types of motorcycle sports. The main difference between a speedway and ring motocross is in the track, which is an oval with a length from 260 m to 400 m (a standard treadmill of the stadium), usually with a cinder flat surface. However, the winter version of the speedway is also popular – on the ice surface. Less common are races on earthen and grass tracks, and also with a track length of one kilometer or more (on hippodromes). The number of participants is usually from 4 to 6 in each race. The most popular motorcycle races are 500 cm³, however, competitions are held among 250 and 125 cm³ motorcycles also known competitions on motorcycles with a sidecar, mopeds and scooters. Competitions have been held since the 1920s. The first speedway world championship was held in 1934.

Speedway is popular around the world. Its advantages over other types – in relative cheapness; You do not need an expensive Formula 1 Highway like a Moto GP, you do not need to specially prepare a crossed track like in motocross. Often for the competition fit the usual cinder path of the stadium.Another advantage is that the viewer is constantly visible the entire track and the position of the riders in the race. In addition, the speedway is dynamic – usually riders pass 4 laps, less often a little more. The speed in the speedway is less than in the ring motorcycle races – the average speed on a circle is 70-80 km / h, on short sections – up to 110 km / h. Entertainments of the sport are added by frequent falls of participants.

Leather in motocross

Leather is highly used in motorsport industry. Bike seats are made of durable hard thick leather. Speaking about the equipment – the most of it is made of leather due to it’s durability:

  • leather jackets for motorcyclists
  • leather gloves for motorcyclists
  • leather motorcycle boots
  • helmets with leather inner part

The only things made of kevlar or plastic are the main part of the helmet and the so-called “turtle” (an exosceleton for riders).

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